Moto X (2015) leak suggests it will sport a fingerprint sensor


The rumors and news surrounding the Moto X (2015) has been picking up as of late. The latest Motorola device is expected to surface sometime in the second half of the year. The latest leaks show off a chassis of what is reported to be the new Moto X and it features an opening that could hint towards a fingerprint sensor.

If you remember correctly, the Nexus 6 was originally slated to have a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device where the trademarked Motorola dimple resides. Although it was in the Nexus 6’s software to include the feature, it was later scrapped due to Apple’s acquisition of Autentec. According to Motorola’s CEO at the time, there was no other manufacturer making sensors to Motorola’s standards. Moto X 2015 leak

Well, fast forward over 8 months later, the Moto X (2015) could be the first Motorola device to sport a fingerprint sensor. The feature is becoming more and more popular as now Samsung, HTC, and Apple all have sensors on their devices. To top it all off, Android M will natively support the feature.

While it is likely to make an appearance on the Moto X (2015), don’t get your hopes up. It will only make sense for Motorola if they can keep their costs down, as the Moto X is usually a flagship device that is around $100-200 cheaper than other flagships. If anymore information about the new Motorola device(s) surface, we’ll be sure to have you covered.



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