Moto 360s pictured next to a Moto 360 (2014) in new image


After a huge flooding of smartwatches on the market back in 2014, we have been stuck in quite the lull. All of that is expected to change come September when it is expected that LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Huawei will debut their next generation smartwatches. Of those, only one company keeps having their product leaked, and that is Motorola.

HellomotoHK, continues to leak out new Motorola products and he has a great track record. Today’s image shows off last year’s Moto 360 compared to what is expected to be called the Moto 360s. We have seen plenty of images of the Moto 360s around Motorola’s┬áChicago headquarters thanks to a few observant phone enthusiasts.

Moto 360s

This image gives us a great example to expect how large the 360s will be. It looks much more like a standard watch this time around. That is expect for the new location of the locking button that has been moved up at an odd angle. While it does look unconventional, it does seem more practical when you think about pressing the button.

Specs for the Moto 360s and rumored Moto 360L are unknown at this point, but one would assume it would ship with a Snapdragon processor. Motorola had some issues with last year’s Texas Instruments processor being under powered, so it would make sense.


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