Moshi Venturo laptop backpack review: dapper, yet functional

8.6 Good

The Moshi Venturo laptop backpack is a very visually appealing alternative to the standard backpack. It is very functional, but is slightly uncomfortable under heavy loads.

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With the school year being in full swing for more than a month, we take for granted what we use to carry around all of our supplies. The backpack is probably the most needed and essential tool for students throughout their education, whether it is high school and younger or college. What a perfect time to review a backpack, right? Well you’re in luck because Moshi was kind enough to send over their Venturo backpack for review.

I currently am in college for Web Programming, so I need to bring my laptop everywhere I go, from class to class and even to work on occasion. One thing that annoys me a bit about my current backpack is that it doesn’t have a dedicated laptop sleeve (it’s a Dakine skateboarding backpack). If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it as they always say. Well, thankfully Moshi wanted me to test out their Venturo backpack, so I got my wish.

Moshi Venturo far shot

The Moshi Venturo is a sleek and slim laptop backpack that looks a little more professionally and presentable than my current backpack. For this review, I was sent the Charcoal Black version with orange accents. If that’s not your thing, Blue Steel, Titanium Gray, and Navy Blue options are also available. The backpack comes in at only 28.74 ounces and has dimensions of 20.08″ x 4.13″ x 14.57″. It is very light and slim, but is still able to hold up to a 15″ laptop.

On the outside of the Moshi Venturo is “lightweight and durable fabric with weather-resistant surface Moshi Venturo diagramtreatment”. That seems pretty technical, but I can’t disagree. Using the Venturo for the better part of September into October, I have seen no signs of wear whatsoever. During my daily usage, it is opened and closed around ten times a day at the minimum and that is with taking a computer and textbooks out multiple times in between.

Up in Minnesota during the fall it doesn’t rain too much, but when it did I wasn’t worried. I fully trusted having my school computer in my backpack without the fear of it being damaged. I still wouldn’t want to let it sit outside for extended periods, but with 5-10 minutes of rainfall, everything remained dry as could be.

One thing I’ve learned from reviewing Moshi products is that they are nothing but quality. When I opened up the Venturo I was impressed with the high-quality zipper handles Moshi employed. They are very heavy-duty and don’t seem like they will bend or break. I’ve had that issue in the past where my zipper handle will bend or even break, but that looks nearly impossible on the Venturo. I couldn’t even bend them if I tried.

One thing necessary on backpacks is a lot of padding to keep things comfortable, especially when hauling around multiple textbooks. The back of the Moshi Venturo has a very thick padded air-mesh back support along with some on the actual strap. When using the Venturo, I have found out that it is comfortable with very small amounts of weight. Although it has a good amount of padding, once I added a few textbooks alongside my 15″ laptop, the strap stressed my shoulder.

Moshi Venturo back

The backpack does fit very nicely and is definitely comfortable to wear, just with an adequate amount of weight. Once it gets a little too heavy, it is uncomfortable after extended periods of time. To be honest, no padding could help this, that’s just the sacrifice you make when you purchase a one strapped backpack. On the other side of things, I do like how Moshi included a second handle on the side of the Venturo which then can be carried like a briefcase. I found myself using this option a lot more when I had to carry more than two textbooks.

That’s the thing though, it is very easy to over-pack. Moshi and their design team somehow managed to fit a ton of compartments and sleeves for just about everything: tablets, writing utensils, books, electronics, passports, and the list could go on forever. It is pretty impressive how much you can fit inside the Moshi Venturo.

Moshi Venturo with 15" laptop

Overall, the Moshi Venturo is a great option if you are looking for a nice backpack to carry your laptop, schoolwork, and other electronics. The problem is, it becomes a little uncomfortable with a little extra weight. The design is spot on and is very appealing. It is very easy to tote around to an interview for example, that is what I plan on using it for. It is a lot more presentable than a regular backpack if you have to bring your laptop or papers to show examples of your work. If Moshi were to make a “regular” backpack with two straps, I would jump all over that.

If you would like to purchase the Moshi Venturo, it can be found on Moshi’s official website for $119.95  and on Amazon for $118.95.


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