Lenovo Sisley – Just for fun


With the mid range smartphone gaining popularity in the growing markets, everyone wants a piece of the action, and while Lenovo is now a set brand as far as mid range devices go, here we have another mid ranger which looks to impress . Say hello to the S90 Sisley. The Sisley is everything you want in a mid range , and while Lenovo didn’t really have to invest  a lot of brain power on this device, its still worth your dough.

Lenovo is one of those brands that is on the rapid rise and with their new flagship now in the rumour mill, its really going great guns. All this good happening around them has somehow made them overlook the design of the Sisley ,as a closer look to the device will immediately give you the impression of a re-badged iPhone 6. But if you let the design faux pas take a step back ,then what you end up with is a device which, although seems usual, has the ingredients to be a rather good mid

range device overall. Lets Jump right into it –

  • Connectivity – The Device features 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity, with the dual sim feature. The connectivity area is a go, and we can now proceed into the real deal.
  • Display – The Sisley comes with a 5 inch 720p Super Amoled capacitive touch screen, with a near retire pixel density of 294ppi.  5 inch displays are now common in mid rangers and its no surprise that Lenovo kept it simple here. The pixel density is near retina, so you can expect some good clean colors and sharp text. Overall, I would say the display is not out of the world, but not the worst either. This device combo sits in the middle of the food chain, and thats where any mid ranger should ideally be. Decent job here by Lenovo.
  • Performance – The performance package doesn’t disappoint either. The Sisley comes with the very popular Snapdragon 410 chipset which features a 1.2 GHz Quad Core CPU along with an Adreno 306 GPU. The performance is going to be smooth and hassle free, and all your basic games should work fine as well. Overall, we have a good, strong  performance bundle and again, nothing fancy, just plain and simple work by Lenovo.
  • Memory – The Sisley comes in two flavours – We have a 16 GB variant with 1 GB RAM, and a 32 GB variant with 2GB RAM. Here’s where Lenovo have made a mistake. The non-inclusion of SD card will definitely be a deal breaker for most people as its the age of large memory. People store everything on their mobile devices these days, and when you see no cheap memory expansion, it just puts one off.
  • Camera – While Lenovo did disappoint on the memory part, they have really put up a brilliant camera package – I am talking about 13 MP rear and 8 MP front kind of brilliant here. Not many phones these days , that too in the mid range market can boast of this camera bundle, and while the numbers look good on paper, they real life performance will not disappoint you one bit. The rear camera can record Full HD 1080p @ 30 fps, and features autofocus and an LED flash. Good Work here Lenovo.

  • Battery – The Sisley is powered by a 2300 mAh battery which should be able to deliver a day’s worth of usage on a single charge. The new Android Lollipop is said to bring a lot of power management tweaks but there is no news of the update yet , for this device.

All in all , I would say, despite its design being a tad bit of a rip off , the interior is still strong and is bound to give you the same good experience you would get from any other major mid ranger out there. When it comes to design, I would like to repeat myself by saying that the layered concept is fresh in the market and catches the eye quicker than any other plain design out there. Lenovo should stick to it and probably improvise on it as well.


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