Latest: iPhone 6 sapphire glass front panel production to begin this month


The latest report around the web is that Apple will indeed start the production of the sapphire display for the upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L. One thing that this report confirms is that the iPhone 6 will have two variants: with or without sapphire glass. There will be a price hike because of the new materials. 
It is reported that the sapphire glass will  be used on the 128GB model of the 4.7 inch iPhone and the 64GB model of the 5.5 inch iPhablet. With anticipation as high as ever for the scratch resistant glass, Apple is moving production into full-swing and is expected to use the material on both high-end variations of the devices. 

A Remarkable Corundum (Sapphire) CrystalThe front panels seen before, could have been just regular Corning Gorilla Glass 3, because mass production hasn’t begun yet. Like we stated in our previous iPhone post in the Rumor Roundup, the only material that is truly harder than sapphire crystal, is diamond. That would explain why in scratch-test videos, the front panel gets scratched very easily, whereas an iPhone 5s home button doesn’t.

Are you excited for a sapphire crystal display or will the increased price deter you from getting an iPhone 6 that features this new material? Let us know in the comment box below!


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