How to hide the “notch” on the iPhone X


The iPhone X has been out for just over a week and has been selling quite well. The “notch” has been embraced by some and hated by others. The good news is that there is an app which attempts to hide the infamous “notch”. That app is called Notcho and is made by a company called Cromulent Labs. The app description can be seen below.

Not a fan of the notch? Want to hide the horns? Now you can quickly and easily create wallpapers that hide the notch on your new iPhone X.

Thanks to the iPhone X’s AMOLED display and its ability to show off true blacks, Notcho gives the illusion that the “notch” is gone. As you can see in the picture above, it makes the iPhone appear like it has a traditional status bar. This is done by modifying the iPhone X’s wallpapers.

The Notcho app can be found on the App Store and is available for free. Cromulent Labs have a pretty good track record and the app has an average rating of five stars. Cromulent Labs’ other apps in the App Store can be found here. What are your thoughts on the “notch”? Do you like it or will be giving Notcho a try?


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