iPhone 6 to be unveiled September 12th; Released October 14th


The iPhone 6 has been headlining rumors since the iPhone 5s was released, and the release date is closing in. Apple will debut it’s brand new 4.7″ iPhone in the coming weeks. The latest news to come off the wire is that it will be shown off on September 12th, with a release date coming on October 14th.

To go along with it’s brand new massive screen, Apple is expected to unveil an A8 processor to go with it. Apple may go with 2gb of RAM as well, to better combat the latest trend in the smartphone market. To give you a perspective, the iPhone 5s comes with a dual-core processor and only 1gb of RAM and is still plenty fast for the user. iOS with twice the RAM and a new processor could be the nail in the coffin for Samsung.

The one thing missing from the rumors around the September 12th debut, is the iPhone 6 phablet, which is expected to come with a 5.5″ screen. Apple is selling this one as the premium model and it may come with a quad-core processor over the standard dual that Apple has been currently using. The phablet has also been delayed, and will see a release most likely in mid to late November.

Apple has many tricks up it sleeves. We will likely see a new processor and more RAM, Apple has surprised us before. We will have to wait for sure until September 12th, but it is almost just a month away.

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