iClever Bluetooth Headphones review: low cost, high quality wireless headphones

8.5 Above Average

I honestly never thought myself as one that would use wireless headphones, but the iClever Bluetooth Headphones may have changed that. For only $20, you can get yourself un-tethered from your smartphone with above average sound quality. iClever has found a way to put a great package together at a low, budget friendly price.

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Every year that goes by, electronics get more and more portable. That isn’t limited to just smartphones, tablets, headphones have followed the same path. Bluetooth headphones have been on the market for quite some time, but they haven’t necessarily been affordable for the every day user. We were lucky enough to get sent some iClever Bluetooth Headphones to review to see how they stack up against their wired siblings. These Bluetooth headphones normally go for $19.99 on Amazon, so they are definitely affordable. Do you lose quality at such a low price or has iClever found a way to pack the power of higher-end audio into a $20 package? Let’s take a look.


I have never owned a set of Bluetooth headphones before, so I didn’t necessarily know what to expect as far as performance or design. When I took the headphones out of the shipping box, I was greeted with a very minimal product box. Usually companies go out of their way to pack the box with specifications and other jargon, but for the iClever Bluetooth Headphones, that wasn’t the case. That is always welcomed.

iClever Bluetooth Headphones Box

Opening up the box of the iClever Bluetooth Headphones, I was honestly quite pleased. First of all, they don’t look as big as they do in the product images. I was a little worried they would stand out quite a bit when they were in my ears, but they are hardly more noticeable than standard wired headphones.

The headphones themselves fit very well and having the extra ergonomic rubber hook really makes them comfortable. Not only that, but they do not come out very easy. Using these headphones with activity, they fit well enough that they do not fall out. They actually fit better than my standard wired headphones which is welcoming to see.

iClever Bluetooth Headphones Nexus 6P

Since the headphones don’t have a standard cord, I didn’t know where they would fit the mic, charging port, and audio controls. Don’t worry though, all are included, iClever just had to get a little creative. On the left-side headphone, all it houses is the microUSB charging port. It is sealed by a rubber flap, which is firmly in place. It took me a few tries to pull it up to charge them up, but I can’t complain.

iClever Bluetooth Headphones charging

The right-side of the headphones house the rest of the buttons and such. The entire side of the right headphone is a clickable button which is used for powering the device on and off, along with pausing and playing music. The iClever logo is also an LED light which changes colors to indicate whether it is charging, fully charged, or powered on. The volume buttons are found on the front of the right headphone. Long pressing the volume-up button will go forward one song whereas the volume-down will do the opposite. It was a little uncomfortable to press the buttons at first, but you get used to it. The right headphone also houses the in-call microphone right below the volume controls.

Performance/Ease of use

One issue I have always had with Bluetooth devices are pairing. Sometimes it goes very smoothly and other times it is quite the opposite. With the iClever Bluetooth Headphones, it was actually quite simple. It took under a minute for me to get it paired up to my Nexus 6P. Since the headphones are compatible with being linked up to two devices at once, it was just as easy to hook it up to my computer.

As far as performance goes, the headphones still haven’t disconnected on me. Now, I haven’t walked the full 32.8 feet away from my phone which is the operating distance, but I still have walked a decent distance. I was more impressed with the fact that the headphones never got choppy are disconnected while the device was well within range.

Since these headphones are wireless, they obviously require some charging. I always have either a power source near me, whether it is an outlet, computer, or even my Nexus 6P, but I never needed them. iClever states that you can get up to seven hours of music playback and five hours of talk time, so they definitely can last a decent time. I never had to charge them midday, but for some they might have to. These headphones would last me two to three days easily, with 1-2 hours of listening time per day with a few calls mixed in.

When you go wireless you have to make sacrifices, but the battery life on the iClever Bluetooth Headphones don’t make it too much of a sacrifice, so if that is putting you off about going wireless, don’t worry about it.


Like I stated earlier with everything getting more portable and smaller every year, quality also goes up every year. That just isn’t for the high-priced items, it goes for the lower priced items as well. I have used $100+ headphones and $5 headphones, but I was honestly pretty impressed at what the iClever Bluetooth Headphones brought to the table.

One of the first things that you notice when you put headphones in is how well they cancel out noise. That is not an issue on these headphones at all, as it actually might have the best noise cancelling out of all my previous used headphones. That goes a long way in helping the overall quality of the listening experience. I personally want only me to hear my music and don’t what to hear anything on the outside, The iClever Bluetooth Headphones do that perfectly.

iClever did a wonderful job making sure that these headphones can pick up all ranges of sounds, as nothing sounds mushy or run together. I listen to mostly metal music, so it is really easy to tell if the quality isn’t there. There are a lot of aspects to the music, so it is easy for headphones to drown out the sound and lose crispness. So many times with lower-tier headphones, the audio is mucked up and there isn’t a clear distinction between the lows, mids, and highs.


Overall, if you are looking to get yourself un-wired from your smartphone and are in the market fro some wireless headphones, be sure to take a look at the iClever Bluetooth Headphones. Not only do they come in at a very reasonable price tag of $19.99, but they perform well outside the price range. I have been using them quite frequently and have not run into any issues with them whatsoever.

You can find the iClever Bluetooth Headphones over at Amazon.com


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