HTC M9 build up


The HTC flagship, codenamed Hima, has been subject to leaks of all kinds in the recent months, and while some specifications are a first for HTC, some of the specs are , according to me, completely underwhelming. HTC has been putting a lot of focus on their mid range ‘Desire’ lineup and I fear that may lead to the M9 ( Hima ) becoming more of a mid range flaghip crossover.

I looked through the preliminary spec sheet and this is what we can expect –

  • Connectivity wise, the M9 will feature 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity, with a single Sim flavor. HTC has not ventured too deep into the Dual Sim territory , so I guess a Dual Sim flavor is out of the question for now atleast. The Connectivity section is flawless. Moving on.
  • Display – The M9 will come with a 5 inch 1080p Full HD Display, with a pixel density of 441 ppi. HTC has been hailed for one of the best smartphone displays in the market, and I believe the M9 will not disappoint in that respect. The ppi is strong and should give us vibrant and punchy colors. The text will be super clear, and even full zoom will not hamper that. Personally though, I expected the M9 to feature the QHD resolution, as most of its competitors are now adopting that display. The Race to become the best flagship has now entered a whole new level, and by now, all the companies fighting for the title are expected to pull out all stops. Full HD is not bad at all, but looking at the latest in display resolutions, QHD should have been the preferred choice.
  • Performance – The M9 will run the upcoming SnapDragon 810 chipset which features a Quad Core 1.5 GHz Cortex A-53 CPU and a Quad Core 2.0 GHz Cortex A-57 CPU. The device will also reportedly feature the Adreno 430 GPU. Performance wise, this phone is up there with everyone else. The 810 chipset is the most powerful mobile processor chipset, and the performance it will chur out is going to be an absolute cracker. The GPU is good and should handle high graphics with ease.
  • Memory -The M9 will come with 32 GB of in-built storage and 3 GB of RAM. Multi-tasking is going to be butter smooth. We will also be getting the memory expansion option vis SD card upto 128 GB. Overall, a sizzling Memory package is what we can expect in the M9. HTC seems to be on the right track with their upcoming flagship. The acid test is going to be the Camera package.
  • Camera – HTC has finally abandoned the ultra-pixel tech for their rear camera. And to replace it , they have given us a stunning dual 20.7 MP rear camera with LED flash. HTC scored big with their rear camera feature, but it wasn’t hitting its full potential due to the ultrapixel factor. But when you see a 20.7 MP dual rear camera package, it only spells one thing – WIN. But what happened to Ultrapixel? – Well, HTC seems to have moved it up front. A 4 MP ultrapixel front camera is what we will most likely be treated to. Selfie fanatics are in for a treat with this front camera. HTC has successfully passed its camera test, at least in the prelim spec sheet.
  • Battery – The M9 will mostly feature 2840 mAh battery, which is not good enough for a phone of this stature. The drain will be fast and getting even a single day of usage will be tough for those who exploit their smartphone to the max. HTC should have used a strong 4000 mAH battery or something in the 3000 mAh range ┬áto give us a better battery performance.

Overall, the M9 is a strong device, and will definitely be one to look out for. The Spec sheet is priliminary as of now, and what HTC decide to put into this beast in the end will be confirmed soon.


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