Gmail 5.0 compared to Inbox by Gmail


It has been a big few weeks for all things Gmail related. First we got our first taste of Inbox by Gmail and now we got the updated Gmail 5.0 APK file ahead of the official Android 5.0 Lollipop release on November 3rd. We’ll go over both apps in this comparison.

Inbox by Gmail has been all the buzz around the internet as of late, due to its limited release through an invite system and the high praise it has been receiving. Inbox is a new way, or more refined way of managing your inbox. The app comes with pre-loaded categories to sort your email such as Travel, Purchases, Finance, Social, Updates, Forums, Promos, and the ability to add your own categories outlined by your own criteria.


Inbox expanded on what Gmail already has, which is three main categories: Primary, Social, and Promotions. It is a much more refined way of controlling what you see in your inbox.

Along with refined categories, Inbox by Gmail comes with reminders. To put it best, it is almost like a refined Gmail combined with Google Keep, plus more. In addition to the reminders, the user can pin certain threads or categories, and toggle to hide everything that isn’t pinned with the switch at the top right of the app.

Google’s Gmail has received an entire skin overhaul to match it’s Android 5.0 counterparts. The overall interface is much cleaner and the design is uniform with all other Google applications. They added the same sidebar that originally came from the Google Play Store. The app is much easier to navigate, and just like Google’s new Messenger app, a new email is just one press away by pressing the red circle with the plus icon inside of it. 
Looking at the images above, both apps look similar, but it is what’s under the skins that counts. We recommend that if you can, move to Inbox by Gmail (that is if you are lucky enough to obtain an invite), or download the leaked APK file of Gmail 5.0. Regardless, both Google mail services are still at the top of the game. 


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