Getting a Nexus 6 from T-Mobile won’t be easy…

Trying to get a Nexus 6? Great we are too… Although it hasn’t been officially released, pre-orders started on October 29th through the Google Play Store and have since sold out twice. Not only did the Google Play Store run out of inventory, the Motorola online store sold out as well.
There has been hope through T-Mobile that they would have the device in stock on launch. An earlier leaked document suggested that the T-Mobile would launch the Nexus 6 on November 12th. This has since been confirmed through calls we made to T-Mobile.
Unfortunately, it seems tha ta Wednesday launch is imminent, not all stores will get the device. The document (which can be seen below) came courtesy of the XDA forums. It shows that over 1800 stores nationwide will get a demo unit of the Nexus 6, whereas only 300 stores will actually have stock to sell.
It is unknown if this document is legitimate, but we will definitely find out soon. For our sake, we hope it isn’t. 
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