Galaxy Note 4 to be unveiled September 3rd


The Galaxy Note 4 is definitely coming sooner than we expected. The Korean Times posted that Samsung will debut the new phablet on Sept. 3. The news came from executives at Samsung’s parts suppliers. This latest news is definitely on point with what we have heard earlier this month about Samsung wanting to beat Apple and the iPhone 6 out the door to the market. Samsung thinks that if it beats Apple to the punch, it can sway consumers on the edge about purchasing the iPhone 6.

 To go along with the latest news about the release date, a Samsung financial officer affiliate stated that the Note 4 will have have “far better specifications” than the Galaxy S5. This makes us wonder if it will come with a massive 4gb of RAM instead of the rumored 3gb. It is also expected to have a metal frame, which would be a first for the Note series.

If you are worrying about which carrier the device will set foot on, it is confirmed that Samsung has made agreements with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. This includes guaranteed shipments of the Note 4. The quantity that carriers receive and what the pricing will be is still unknown.


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