Galaxy Note 4 to be released on September 15th


Earlier this week Samsung started to send out invites to its Unpacked event, which would be the expected debut of the Note 4. The events will take place simultaneously in New York City, Beijing, and in Berlin just before IFA on September 3rd. Exact dates on the release have been slim to none, until recently. A leaked document that went out to Samsung employees may suggest that the release date is right around the corner. This document suggests that the highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 4 will be released twelve days after it’s debut on September 15, 2014.


In the image below, you can see that Samsung is initiating its use of paid time off blackouts. The blackouts begin September 3rd and carry through the 7th. The third just happens to be the day the Note 4 debut. The second batch of blackouts starts on the 15th and runs through the 28th of September. This means that if the release of the Note 4 isn’t exactly planned for the 15th, it will definitely happen sometime between those given dates.


Exciting things are definitely around the corner for Samsung. It is also expected to announce and release the premium Galaxy Alpha this month as well. If Samsung has a chance at taking a chunk out of Apple’s subscribers and profits, these next few months are definitely their time to shine. We’ll continue to keep you updated on more news and details about the Note 4 when they come out. We will definitely be picking up a copy of the Note 4, so expect to see  another unboxing and review.

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