Galaxy Note 4 – Three-sided display enters production


Latest rumors have at least one version of the Galaxy Note 4 entering production. According to ZDNet Korea, a Samsung Electronic Parts supplier has stated that the production of the device with a three-sided display started seven days ago. This news goes perfectly with Samsung’s Unpacked event and an expected late-September release.

Samsung has seen their profits drop over their mobile phone division as of late, and this innovation could be just what they need to spark their sales again. A Samsung senior executive has stated that Samsung wants to launch new models with innovative designs in the large screen category. The sketches from above have been around the internet for months now, but it seems that the Galaxy Note 4 with a three-sided display seems to be on the horizon.

Unfortunately, it is expected that the Note 4 with a three-sided display will be hard to obtain. The odds are that it will see a limited release in certain markets, similar to that of the Galaxy Round. The three-sided phone will most likely be international and see a release in Korea.

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