Galaxy Note 4: Latest update


According to the latest reports, Samsung will decrease under screen size of the Note 4.

Previously when rumors first started swirling around the much anticipated Note 4, Samsung was going to go with an even larger 5.9″ display. That would be .2″ bigger than its predecessor. These reports came out because it was suspected that Samsung was going up against other phablets packing 6″ displays.

Soon after those rumors were supposedly dispelled. It was reiterated that the Note 4 would feature the same 5.7″ display as the Note 3. The only difference being the new QHD display with a ppi of around 515.

The latest report to come out of China suggests that Samsung will scale back it’s Phablet to a 5.5″ display, with a ppi of around 535. This is a direct response to Apple’s iPhone 6 with a 5.5″ display.

This is a great move by Samsung because they can pit the Note 4 directly against the iPhone 6 phablet. That way consumers will compare them as equal devices, instead of straying away from the Note because of the larger dimensions on the handset.

This fall is going to be the biggest head to head of Samsung and Apple in mobile phone history. Samsung is obviously concerned with the iPhone 6, which they should be. The only question is, will this late switch be a bust or a success? We’ll find out September 3rd.


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