China Telecom releases images of the iPhone 6


Leaks regarding the iPhone 6 have been steady throughout the month, and today we have another. This image today comes from one of Apple’s largest distributors. Chinese Telecom, the third largest mobile provider in China, accidentally released images of the upcoming iPhone 6 early. The post has been deleted, but once things get on the internet, its on there forever.

The image below shows the iPhone 6 in three colors, similar to that of the iPhone 5s. One thing we notice about the image below is that camera lens seems flush with the back panel of the device. Other leaked documents and images have reported that the camera lens was to protrude out, those this causes concerns for previous leaks.

There is sixteen days until the new iPhone will be debuted on September 9th, with an expected release of late-September or early-October. Leading up to the release, more and more images will continue to leak, and we’ll have you covered.


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