BlackBerry Priv wallpaper gallery


BlackBerry has been MIA in the past few years. The previous titans of smart devices before smartphones existed, has attempted to resurrect themselves, and that is with the BlackBerry Priv. The BlackBerry Priv, which is BlackBerry’s first-ever Android device was just released and is currently shipping.

So, since the BlackBerry Priv has been official for quite awhile and consumers are starting to receive their new device, we threw together a wallpaper gallery of the Priv. Just in case you some BlackBerry very, we can solve that for you. All of the wallpapers have a QHD resolution, so they are great for every device.

To download full-size wallpaper, just click the selected wallpaper to expand it to the full 2880 x 2560 resolution. Once it is expanded, save it and you are good to go!


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