Back ordered iPhone 6 Plus: Will it hurt Apple’s sales?

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have already made a huge impact on the smartphone market. According to Apple, the amount of iPhone 6/6 Plus’s pre-ordered were chart toppers. Apple hasn’t released their numbers as of yet, but they did confirm that it is their highest grossing pre-order to date.
Many websites, including Apple’s own, were overrun with online consumers that many sites were downed from the traffic. Pre-orders started at 3 AM eastern time on September 12.
The iPhone 6 is on schedule as far as expected delivery time and how many stores will have in stock. The same cannot be said about the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus.
The iPhone 6 Plus, is currently on backorder for a minimum of three to four works due to large demand and limited supply. This could be due to the rumored trouble Apple had in manufacturing the larger phone’s display. Along with the manufacturing problems, Apple didn’t expect their longtime loyal iPhone users to be interested in a massive (somewhat standard today) phone.
Apple has long stood by their decision to keep a smaller display and it seemed that would be just fine for sales. Now that the average screen size in 2014 is approaching 5 inches, Apple knew they had to do something.
So now, with the iPhone 6 Plus backordered for at least three to four weeks, will it hurt their overall sales? A month gives consumers enough time to mull over their options, including the Galaxy Note 4, which is the iPhone 6 Plus’s direct competitor. Only time will tell.
Did you have your sights set on the iPhone 6 Plus? Will a delayed release make you double think you’re choice? Let us know what phone you’re picking up or if you pre-ordered the new iPhone.

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