Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 6c to be debuted in March


Not too long ago, we posted an article about the upcoming iPhone 6c and how it would debut in time for Valentine’s Day of 2016, but now that doesn’t seem like the case. According to sources who spoke to 9to5Mac, Apple is planning to debut the Apple Watch 2 in March and the iPhone 6c will likely come along.

Arguably the most popular smartwatch in the world, the Apple Watch is already in-line for a successor. This is something Apple has been working on ever since the original watch debuted. Apple’s goal with the new Apple Watch is to make it even more of a health device by using new sensors to track health and sleep habits.

The iPhone 6c on the other hand, will be a reboot of the 4-inch screen size Apple moved away from with the latest generation of phones. Earlier leaks have reported it will look more like iPhone 5s than an iPhone 6s. It is expected to ship with A9 chip, support Apple Pay, and come with a fingerprint sensor.

With Apple planning on debuting two new devices in March of 2016, are you interested? It will definitely turn some heads if it falls within the expected $400-500 price range. The Apple Watch 2 will be even more interesting because it will be the second iteration of the most popular smartwatch on the market.


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