Alphabet stock hits record high, nears 1000 per share


Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is continuing to grow and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Shares for GOOGL are trading up at nearly half a percent , most likely due to the company’s “Marketing Next” event in San Francisco next week. Next Tuesday, the company will unveil the Google Attribution tool.

The Google Attribution tool is the next big thing for advertisers who use Google’s platform. It uses machine learning to show advertisers how effective their ads are. It will help conversion rates by showing advertisers how likely a purchase will be made by a targeted user.

Alphabet Stock

On top of the Google Attribution tool, the company also noted that they have information on nearly 70% of all credit card transactions in the United States. Between this and the Attribution tool, Alphabet is upping the ante on their targeted ad services.

Lastly, Google’s Developer conference was this past week where they outlined their strong focus on virtual realty. All of that, and the Alphabet stock is nearly $1,000 a share.




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