Want to pre-order the iPhone 6 early? Here is your chance!


If you would like to get your hands on a pre-order for the iPhone 6, before anyone else, here is your chance. A company called Brikk, which designs and manufactures couture products and accessories for the technology and lifestyle industries, is already offering up pre-orders for the iPhone 6.

The catch is that it is their version of the iPhone 6 called the ‘Lux’ edition. This so called ‘Lux’ edition, isn’t just a regular old iPhone, it is an iPhone plated in 24K-gold. If that doesn’t whet your interests enough, the Lux comes with multiple different options including gold, pink gold, platinum, and even diamond encrusted.

The iPhone 6 will come in at the heaviest price tag out of any of Brikk’s products, and that is including the iPhone 5s, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and even the HTC One M8, all in gold.
At the bare minimum, this phone will cost you a whopping $4,495. If that isn’t steep enough for you, they go all the way up to $8,795 depending on which one you want and if you even want your Apple logo covered in 1.08 carat diamonds. In order to get a your name in the hat for the pre-order, you have to pony up a non-refundable $500 deposit, which will guarantee that you receive a Lux iPhone 6.

If the looks aren’t good enough for you, the Lux comes with another incentive. It comes with a 128gb hard drive, making it a first for Apple. There will be no complaints about not having removable storage on the Lux iPhone 6, that’s for sure.

Brikk also notes that they do not guarantee the specs or look of the phone, but his could be one of the bests looks we’ve had so far of an iPhone 6. Purchasers are likely to receive their devices around a month after the iPhone 6 is released, Brikk states. Everything is subject to change, but the iPhone 6 is definitely on the horizon. We’ll keep you updated with any news that comes our way on the iPhone 6.

You can pre-order a Lux here.

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