Upcoming Android emojis get pulled off Hangouts, view them here


Just the other day, Head of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer posted on his Twitter that Android was to get new emojis in the coming week. Although the new factory images including the updated emojis for the Nexus devices, someone on Reddit got little creative and wrote a script to extract the new emojis from Hangouts on the web.

Where would we be without Reddit? The answer is a very dull, boring place. The user was able to find all of the newly added emojis, along with a few updated ones. The entire file with both new and updated emojis can be seen here. The newly added emojis, that weren’t on Android before, can be seen below. Most notably it includes tacos, burritos, and the highly regarded middle finger.

Android new emoji

Yes, the image is not very big, but it gives us a preview as what is to come to Android in the coming weeks. Although it does show the newly added and updated emojis, it doesn’t show us if the faces can change color, like seen on the iPhone. When the update gets pushed through, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


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