Samsung snags over 2,500 patents so far this year; on pace for 6,200


Samsung has been on quite the roll as of late, pushing out the Galaxy S6/S6 edge with their top of the line hardware. All of that innovation doesn’t come without filing for patents either. The latest reports have Samsung behind IBM with the most patents awarded in 2015 with 2,589 so far this year.

Samsung awarded patents

If you were to do the math from June 2nd when this information was recorded, Samsung has been awarded 17 patents per day and is pace to receive over 6,200 if they stay at the same pace. It takes a lot of effort to be one of the top smartphone manufacturers and it just goes to show you Samsung doesn’t cut corners.

Samsung patent count

What’s interesting to see, is that Samsung has already been awarded more patents than Google (1,338) and Apple (875) combined.  We all know how many resources Samsung pours into development, so it isn’t surprising to see the number of awarded patents continue to climb. Currently, they only trail IBM who has been awarded 3,192 patents so far this year.

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