The Samsung Galaxy S6 will release shortly after debut


Samsung Galaxy S6 release


A new leak obtained by Phone Arena through an anonymous tipster, which claimed to be a Samsung employee, shows off a few vacation blackout dates in the coming future. The blackout dates could hint at the release time frame for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 and even the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The first time slot of vacation blackout dates come between March 22nd through March 30. This very well could mean the highly-anticipated Galaxy S6 will release some time between those dates, most likely after the 22nd, as that it is a Sunday.

The second time slot of blackout dates come between April 19th and April 27th. This could likely be the release of the Galaxy S6 edged counterpart, the S6 Edge. The Note Edge saw a release after the original Note 4, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the S6 variants followed suit. It should be noted, however, the tipster thinks that this time slot is allotted for the launch of the Galaxy Note Tablet.

We have seen time and time again that companies employ vacation blackout dates when there is a big release coming. We’ve seen it with Samsung and other companies in the past, so this will be no different. We won’t know for sure until Samsung pulls the wraps off the next Galaxy S device on March 1st at MWC.

Source: PhoneArena


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