Samsung 5G Connection!

We have all heard about 3G and 4G, and as of now 4G is the fastest wireless connection…or is it? Let’s welcome the next generation, the 5G. Although it’s not really a thing yet, that didn’t stop Samsung from this idea. Still in the prototype stage, more changes will be made before it is officially released before the masses are able to use it. It’s crazy, but it is also amazing. Samsung was able to get a peak speed of 950 MB per second which is already mind-blowing. This was made possible by a high-frequency 28 GHz signal used. The only downfall is that higher frequency means shorter range. Samsung found its way around that with what they call “Hybrid Adaptive Array Technology” which boosts the range of the signal.
Watch the video as Samsung makes a live demo of their insane speed!
Are you looking forward to this technology or 4G speed is enough?
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