Rumor Roundup: Latest on the major upcoming smartphones


This year is proving to be a huge year with smartphones, having already seen the HTC One M8, the OnePlus One, and the Galaxy S5. The second half of the year is proving to be worth the wait starting with the LG G3, and there is more to come. With the rumor mill churning, we have all the latest updates from Apple , HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and Sony.

Apple: The latest news to come from the iPhone 6 is that the 4.7″ will not come with a sapphire crystal display, however the phone will still be released in September according to reports. The 5.5″ model is where we could see the debut of the sapphire crystal display, which is planned to be released in December, with production starting shortly.

HTC: The HTC One M8 may be getting a new OS. While it already has Sense 6 and standard Android 4.4 KitKat, the latest rumors suggest that it could be receiving Windows 8.1. This would be huge for Microsoft having a legitimate flagship supporting their OS. It could be the first step in making Windows 8.1 a mainstay on the smartphone market.

Motorola: According to the latest reports, Motorola may be making the new and upcoming Nexus 6. What makes this so intriguing, is that it is reported to be coming with a massive 5.9″ screen. That would be a big step up from the Nexus 5, sporting a 5″ currently. It has the code name ‘Shamu’ according to Android Police and will sell along side a discounted Nexus 5.

Samsung: The latest news for Samsung is that the Galaxy Note 4 will begin production in August, with around 5 million devices being produced. This is right on par with the rumor of an early September release. The Note 4 will take aim at the iPhone 6.

Sony: The Xperia Z3 may not be the phone we expect it to be. It will apparently seem like an updated Z2 with the same software and same design, it doesn’t seem all too exciting.


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