Project Fi is now live; Google’s own mobile network


Today, Google has officially announced Project Fi, which is a program that will introduce new ideas through a fast and easy wireless experience. What does this mean? This means that Google has now entered the mobile carrier game with Project Fi. It essentially enables Google to work with leading carriers, hardware makers, and the consumers to enhance a mobile experience.

Project Fi service map

Two of the world’s largest carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile, have already partnered with Google and Project Fi, to bring users the best possible connection. Project Fi will couple specific 4G LTE networks with Wi-Fi hotspots and connect the user to the best possible connection. That means, if Sprint’s LTE isn’t the best, T-Mobile might have a better signal. If neither are as optimum as they should, there is the option for millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots that Google has verified as fast and reliable.

Some perks of Google Fi include data encryption, the ability to communicate on any device via the cloud, and service at a very low cost. The main service will cost $20 per month, with each gigabyte of data costing another $10 per month (2 GB of data is $20, 3 GB of data is $30). If you do not use all your data, Google will buy it back from you.

As of now, Project Fi is only available for the Nexus 6 and is currently in an invite only beta. You can request an invite here. If you would like to read Google’s full press release, you can do so here.


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