OnePlus announces revamped invite system for the ‘2’


At the end of the day, it’s a business right? Many people criticize OnePlus for their choice in having an invite system to buy their phone and for their marketing techniques, but the thing is, it’s working. Pretty well actually. So today, OnePlus announced that they have revamped the oft criticized invite system ahead of the launch of the ‘2’.

Using their blog, they announced that they are more confident than ever in their new phone, the OnePlus 2, that they will have 30-50x the invites available on launch day. When they first released the ‘One’, they didn’t know how well it would do or how consumers would react, so they limited the quantities made to note over-produce and hurt their health as a business.

Not only will there be many more invites available on day one, but OnePlus will implement a reservation list that will prioritize users by when they signed up and also prioritize forum goers/early supports. That means there will  be no need to scour Reddit and other social media platforms to try and get an invite.

To top it all off, OnePlus will send out sharable invites for the ‘2’ much faster than they did with the ‘One’. I’m just speculating here, but due to the image posted of the invite cards, they could come in the box of the device. It definitely would be faster to share them and consumers would have their invites instantly.

How does the update to the invite system sound to you? Any improvement is better than no improvement right? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.


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