OnePlus 2 gets leaked completely ahead of 7 P.M. launch


The OnePlus 2 has leaked out, just a few hours ahead of its 7pm launch in virtual reality. A forum goer over at Android Central that goes by the name chinaleakking, got his hands on the device and decided to spill the beans. They include shots of the fingerprint sensor and USB Type-C port.

The images look exactly like the ones that were seen from TENNA, China’s version of the FCC. The OnePlus 2 will feature a 13 megapixel on the backside with a dual-LED flash above the camera. It may look odd at first, but that’s what OnePlus decided to go with. The power and volume buttons have joined up on the same side of the device, similar to the likes of the HTC One M9 and Motorola phones.

OnePlus 2 clear image 2

The back of the device brings back the Sandstone Black from the One, and the back cover is much easier to remove. chinaleakking showed that the battery cover also hides the SIM and microSD card slots. On top of that, the edges of the device are metal, unlike the plastic of its predecessor. On the front of the device, it looks much the same as the One, except for the fingerprint sensor that doubles as a home button.

OnePlus 2 clear image 3

Some other interesting things about the OnePlus 2 seen in the leaks are that it may include a mute-switch like seen on iPhone devices. It is on the left side of the device, but we’ll have to wait and see tonight. The speaker grille has also stayed on the bottom of the device, not the back.

OnePlus 2 clear image 4

Now that we are only hours away, what are your thoughts on the leaked OnePlus 2? We’ll definitely do our best to get our hands on one as soon as possible and we will be sure to have you covered tonight.


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