OnePlus 2 and iPhone 6 camera face off; night shots


We are only a week away from the officially debut of the OnePlus 2 that will hit the world in virtual reality. We already know a handful of things about the device, such as it will come with a 13 megapixel camera with a Sony IMX214 sensor. CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau has decided to give us a sneak peek at how the OnePlus 2 handles low-light shots in comparison to the iPhone 6.

One issue with the OnePlus One was that it wasn’t the best when it came to low-light. Then again, not many phone manufacturers truly focused on low-light for their cameras. That has been a big part of 2015 and it seems as if the OnePlus 2 has been heavily updated.

Pete Lau posted a few night shot samples of the OnePlus 2 vs. the iPhone 6 on his Weibo account. I personally think they hold up very well, as low-light is something Apple brags about. There seems to be less noise in the images for the 2 and they also seem to bring in more light. According to the picture from MKBHD last week, the aperture is set at f/2.0. The shots can be seen below; the OnePlus 2 is on the left whereas the iPhone 6 is on the right.

OnePlus 2 night shot 4
OnePlus 2 night shot 1 OnePlus 2 night shot 2 OnePlus 2 night shot 3

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