Microsoft cutting 18,000 jobs: Bold move for dying Nokia


Microsoft is cutting 18,000 (14 percent of its workforce) jobs over the year, for what they state will “streamline” the development of new phones. Microsoft has long been in the rear-view mirror of most smartphone manufacturers and they are taking a big step towards reversing that trend. Along with the layoffs, they announced that they are going to pull the support of Android on some of their Nokia phones. These devices supporting Android were called ‘X’ devices. This could help them in the long run, putting all their focus and resources completely into the Windows Mobile platform.

Whether or not the layoffs and announcements of the discontinuation of Android in the future will increase their success in the Samsung/Apple phone world, remains to be seen. Their stock today is up almost 2%, but that will most likely plateau due to the news today. The question is, do you like Windows/Nokia Phones? Let us know what you think of the layoffs and the discontinuation of Android with Nokia.

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