LYNX 9: $300 mobile gaming controller by MadCatz #CES2015


LYNX 9 Feature

A lot of devices were announced at CES 2015, but one that is making some noise is the new mobile gaming controller made by MadCatz, dubbed the LYNX 9. The LYNX 9 is a wireless mobile controller that can connect to smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even media streaming devices through Bluetooth connectivity.

LYNX 9 folded


What makes the LYNX stand out from the competition, aside from its $300 price tag is that it is a hybrid controller. MadCatz wanted to ensure that consumers got the best of both worlds: being easily portable and still comfortable to hold for long gaming sessions. What makes this happen is controller being able to be folded up to be stored in a jacket pocket, but quickly expanded to give a full-size gaming controller.

LYNX 9 Tablet viewLYNX 9 Phone view


The controller will ship with a tablet mount as well as a keyboard module that snaps into the bottom of the controller to give you the whole package. No need to spend more money to get all the features to make it compatible with your device. It also features a track pad to simulate a mouse for surfing the web and a built-in mic to access voice commands on your device.

The LYNX controller is not available yet. If you can’t wait soon enough to pony-up $300 for the device you can sign up to get notified when it is available.

Source: MadCatz


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