LG showcased dual-edged device at CES 2015




With more and more information coming form CES 2015 in Las Vegas, it seems as if a lot of the 2015 flagships to be were shown off to carriers. It was rumored that the Galaxy S6 was shown off, with most recently the Xperia Z4 being added to this list. According to sources, LG showed off a different device, aside from the G Flex 2. This device has a dual-edged curved display.

This unidentified device has the same treatment as the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, except it has it on both sides. This device is probably a year off from a major release, but it’s good to see phone manufacturers continue to think outside the box.

This new leak fits into perfectly what LG’s ┬áDirector of Corporate Communications, Ken Hong said.

“I think we will experiment with our high-end phones. I think we have to. If you look at the specs only, there are other competitors with similar-spec phones. How do you stand out in that pile if you’re not doing something different?”

For Ken Hong to say that, something must have been happening behind closed doors and that is the curved LG device. The one downfall about this prototype is that the massive 6 inch screen only sports a 720p resolution. That’s the thing though, it’s just a prototype.

Sources: INews24| Trusted Reviews

Via: Android Authority


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