Less-intrusive TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6 could save Samsung


Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept

The latest development to come from Samsung regarding the highly-anticipated Galaxy S6 is that it will feature a less-intrusive TouchWiz UI. According to the latest reports from Business Korea, Samsung will make extensive changes to their user interface to lessen the impact on system memory.

According to an industry source, they are “aiming to get rid of unnecessary functions and simplify our UI at the level of the Google Nexus 6.” That would do wonders for the Galaxy S6 selling point, especially as competitors are narrowing their UI’s footprint as well. Lessening unnecessary features could mean add-ons such as Smart Stay, S-Voice, and Smart Pause could all see the ax for good.

Galaxy S6 apps

On top of the ‘S’ features that come with the Galaxy devices, a lot of native Samsung apps are duplicates of Google apps. S-Voice, S-Health, Samsung Wallet, etc. all fit that bill. If Samsung stopped double-loading their apps, it could take a lot of irremovable memory away from the device; or at least install them on first boot and not on the system partition as another option.

Awhile back, we posted an article titled “If Samsung adopted Motorola’s methodology, would Samsung devices sell better?” It was our take on what Samsung could do if they turned TouchWiz into a less-intrusive UI, it could do wonders for sales. It seems as if they are heading that way, which is music to the ears of mobile tech fanatics. I personally like Samsung’s designs and skins, but performance has always been lacking.

Although the Galaxy S6 will feature a top of the line Snapdragon 810 processor backed by either 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM, the last thing Samsung wants to do is have those specs dogged down by TouchWiz. Many users, myself included, would be upset if my $700-800 flagship was slower than a $400 Moto X. This could be the step in the right direction for Samsung, and for once, my hopes are getting higher for the Galaxy S6.

Source: Business Korea


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