Latest iPhone 7 leak hints at major design changes


We don’t tend to cover iPhone news, but every other year when Apple comes out with a brand new device (not an ‘s’ model) we get interested. Regardless of whether you like Android or Apple, you have to appreciate the technology and design that goes into it. With that being said, today we may have one of our first real glimpses of the iPhone 7 that hints at a few major design changes.

iPhone 7 leak

First of all, a dual-lens camera has been rumored for the iPhone 7 quite a bit, but recently has only been surrounding the larger Plus model. While that is still heavily rumored, Feld & Volk, a company known for customization of iPhones begs to differ. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because they booted up the first working iPhone 6 with components they gathered and they seem to have a good track record when outing renders. Not only that, but it matches the leak given from a Chinese website called the Bastille Post.


Feld & Volk has put together multiple renders detailing what the iPhone 7 will look like, which includes the exclusion of a headphone jack, larger camera protrusion, and Apple’s Smart Connector. Looking at the renders, the iPhone 7’s dual-lens camera protrudes more than the iPhone 6/6s, mainly because the device is much thinner. Not including the camera bump, the iPhone 7 measures in at 6.1 mm, compared to 7.1 mm of the iPhone 6s. Shaving off a whole millimeter is quite the achievement, which is why the headphone jack got axed.

We truly won’t know what to expect from the upcoming models until they are officially debuted, but more leaks are assured to come as that time comes closer. Leaks also tend to get fabricated with fake devices, so be sure to keep an eye out and don’t believe everything. Feld & Volk has a solid track record, but as always, everything is subject to change.



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