iOS 8 to be released to public at 1 P.M. eastern


The Cupertino, California company is expected to release their latest stab at their mobile OS to the public Apple community today. Previously, iOS 8 has only been available to developers, which costs around $100 to gain ‘gold’ access.

The so called ‘biggest iOS release ever” will be officially available to the public starting around 1 pm eastern today. This time frame has been seen in the past with previous iOS releases, and this one shouldn’t be any different.

The latest version of iOS is expected to add a multitude of features to the Apple operating systems, most notably the support for 3rd party keyboards, more developer options, and Apple’s Health app.

Along with the bigger features, Apple has continuously worked to improve their current hardware such as messaging, the native keyboard, photos, and many more stock applications. Messaging allows more features, such as adding voice to the conversation, the keyboard is their ‘smartest’ keyboard ever, and photos is now easier than ever to organize.

The full list of the new features can be seen on this Apple page.

The full list of devices on which iOS 8 is compatible on can be seen below.


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