HTC One M9 case renders emerge from Spigen; match up with evleaks render


HTC One M9 feature image

Recently images of what was allegedly the HTC One M9 appeared on a German online store and they looked drastically different than what people expected. The images seemed as if HTC just updated the One M8’s chassis to allow for the larger camera and relocated power button.

The supposed press renders didn’t lineup with previous rumors that the speakers would be updated and and it would feature an edge-to-edge display. Today, renders from case maker Spigen have appeared online, and they look more like what we expected.

HTC One M9 case

The HTC One M9 renders from Spigen show off a device with a front-facing camera directly in the center on the ‘forehead’ of the device and speaker grilles that have been updated. The speaker grilles have been moved towards the top and bottom of the device and now are small slits instead of a larger grille previously seen.

HTC One M9 render

These renders from Spigen also lineup with the renders that came from evleaks, which is good news. Evan Blass has previously leaked the One M7 and One M8, so it’s no surprise that the best look at the One M9 came from him.

Personally, I am really hoping that this is the final design. HTC is the king at premium design and the One M9 would only enhance that title. Come March 1st, look for this device to be debuted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.



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