Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S7 edge+ names confirmed in latest leak


It’s like clockwork. Leading up to the announcement of a new device, leaks will trickle out slowly, but surely. It just comes with the territory, especially when you have a leaker like @evleaks. It seems that every day a new leak for the Galaxy S7 is coming out and today is no different. Today, we get a little bit of a surprise with what Samsung is expected to call its next three devices.

The image, leaked by none other than @evleaks himself, shows off three names: Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and S7 edge+. You might notice that missing from the list is the rumored Galaxy S7+ (Plus). It has been strongly rumored that Samsung would release four devices, as we’ve covered previously, but it seems that something has changed. Maybe Samsung doesn’t want to interfere with Note 6 sales, which is very understandable. The edge phones, while wildly popular, are still somewhat of a niche device. I’m sure that won’t be the case after 2016 is done with.

What is really interesting about the leaked image is that it seems to be covered in droplets of water. In one of the first leaks of the Galaxy S7, it was suggested that Samsung would bring back the IP67 water rating. This only seems to add steam to the rumor. Water resistance was a huge factor for the Galaxy S5, as I knew multiple people that bought it just for that fact, so it is a good move by Samsung.

So, to go along with the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and S7 edge+ are a new 12 megapixel camera with a ƒ/1.7 aperture that will take the best images out of any Samsung device. Powering the device in select areas (North America) will be the 64-bit quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor backed up by 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM. If IP67 water resistance isn’t enough, the Galaxy S7 series is expected to bring back the microSD card slot and sport much, much larger batteries.


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