Galaxy S6 with iPhone-esque unibody leaked


Galaxy S6

Earlier this month, we got our hands on what was being reported as a design render of what the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 could look like. It has long been rumored that Samsung is taking an all-new approach to its smartphone designs, and it seems like it will start with a solid unibody.

The leaked images today, come from a Weibo account, and they show off a very new and different looking Samsung device. These metal unibodies are purportedly that of the upcoming Galaxy S6 and they are very slim and…. iPhone looking?

If you can’t beat em’ then join em’ right? Maybe Samsung’s key to success is to take away from Apple by mimicking their design and putting a Samsung/Android twist to it. One thing that the new unibody design will take away from Samsung, is the removable battery. That has long been a benefit of using the Korean giant.

Aside from a new design, Samsung must have some curveballs up their sleeve, because just mimmicking Apple’s design won’t generate sales. They need to make it better and sell that point. If this is the new design of the Galaxy S6, I wouldn’t mind it. What are your thoughts? Let us know.



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