Galaxy S6 render from Verus case manufacturer [#TheNextGalaxy]


Galaxy S6 case

What kind of Valentine’s Day would it be without a leak about our favorite upcoming phone? Not a very good one, obviously. Today’s leak of the Galaxy S6, which comes from Talk Android, shows off what could be our best look at the next Samsung flagship to date.

We previously posted a leak from another case manufacturer, but picture wasn’t this high quality, nor was it as detailed. The good news about this new leak from the case manufacturer called Verus, matches up with the one previously posted. The power button seems to have been moved down slightly than in previous models of the Galaxy devices.

Galaxy S6 case buttons

While the power button has seen a slightly movement, the volume buttons seem destined to be two separate buttons, not a single rocker.This has been rumored for quite some time, and this leak seems to confirm that. This will definitely be a upgrade as the buttons will be easier to make a distinction between them.

Among other things, the frame of the device does seem to be more rounded, with the edges being flat. This gives it a sleeker look, but it’ll still maintain the grip-ability, which a lot of manufacturers forget about. It also seems as if the microSD card, SIM card, and speaker will all move as well. The MicroSD card and SIM card slots move to the side with the power button whereas the speaker moves to the bottom of the device. This images seem to back up the previous information that the battery cover will not be removable.

We truly won’t know what exactly the Galaxy S6 will look like until its debut on March 1st at MWC, but all of these leaks are painting a great picture. Samsung seems as if they have stepped up their design game and hopefully their performance game as well. What are your thoughts on these images?

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