Galaxy S6 leak shows off dual-edge version


Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge promo

Today we have gotten our best looking leak yet, as it shows off both variants of the upcoming Galaxy S6. The images, which come from Samsung distributors in South Korea, show off both the standard Galaxy S6 and the highly-anticipated Galaxy Edge.

While leaks surround the Galaxy S6 and its dual-edge counterpart have been quite plentiful, we haven’t gotten our hands on actual advertising material. This leak seems to back the leaked schematics that we showed yesterday from SamMobile surrounding the standard Galaxy S6.

The device on the far left seems to be a case-less device, and it shows off protruding camera lens as well as thicker, more rounded, sides. The protrusion seems more prominent, but that is definitely because the device is expected to only be 6.91 mm thick. The camera flash as well as the expected heart rate monitor, have migrated to the side of the camera, rather than below it.

edge-promo-comparison Galaxy S6

Most surprisingly, the dual-edge variant is title Galaxy Edge versus Galaxy S6 Edge. It was rumored for quite a while, whether it would be named the former or the latter, and it seems as if we can settle on the former. The Galaxy Edge does seem as if it is less slanted, just as SamMobile reported.

SamMobile stated earlier today, that the Galaxy Edge would feature a curve 30 to 50 percent less than the original Galaxy Note Edge. This is due to the handset being considerable smaller and the volume rockers/lock button residing on the sides.

Both devices will come in four colors, with the front and backs of the devices being the same color and material. This could give water to the all-aluminum and glass design previously rumored.

Source: ZDNet Korea | Via: PhoneDog


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