Galaxy Alpha: Latest News


With the Galaxy S5 sales not being as high as originally projected, Samsung knows that it is has to put it all on the line this fall to take on Apple and the iPhone 6. They are doing just that with their Galaxy Note 4, but they also have something else up their sleeve. Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Alpha, a premium version of the S series. The reason this phone is making headlines is because it will take a step back in screen size with a 4.7″ display and come with a metal chassis. Along with this, it will have 720p resolution.

It seems as though Samsung has made their version of the iPhone 6. A premium phone with a metal chassiss and a medium sized screen. Samsung has always been about making bigger displays, but it still lags behind Apple’s sales. Producing a phone with the same build quality and size as the iPhone 6 is a great step in taking them head on. Below you can see a picture of the suspected Galaxy Alpha.

 Courtesy of Tinh tế
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