CyanogenMod reverts OnePlus One touchscreen fix; causes 30mA battery drain


Just last week, CyanogenMod released the ever illusive touchscreen update for the OnePlus One that would reportedly fix the issues once and for all. The good news, is that the Synaptics firmware update did indeed quell the multi-touch issues.The downside is it brought along a big enough bug with it to force CyanogenMod to revert the firmware.

According to the CyanogenMod’s changelog, the new Synaptics firmware update ‘14001227’ has an issue with the OnePlus One’s double tap-to-wake feature. This causes an unprecedented 30mA battery drain, which will lead to some very unhappy users.

It is unknown when Synaptics and CyanogenMod will push the new update, but surely it will be in the next few days. For the time being, there are two options to stop the battery drain. You can either 1. update to the latest nightly, both CyanogenMod 12/12.1, or 2. disable the tap-to-wake feature.

Have you been noticing a heavy battery drain on your OnePlus One since the update? Be sure to let us know and how you’re dealing with it.

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