Apple Watch ‘coming early 2015’ to select European countries according to Apple website(s)


Apple Watch coming early 2015


It seems as if Apple is now pushing the release of the highly-anticipated Apple Watch up a few months. While the site (specifically European based) previously stated “available in 2015”, it now says “coming early 2015”. While earlier it was just for the United States, now a few European countries are included in the earlier launch date. The UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy Apple sites have now been updated to say “coming early 2015”

According to 9to5Mac sources, the Apple Watch will most likely be targeting a Valentine’s Day launch. They also continue to state that official launch dates should come out shortly, especially if Apple is targeting a February 14, 2015 launch date. The Apple Watch could see a wide release, including in the aforementioned countries, although a release in the United States followed by other countries wouldn’t be out of the question.

Source: 9to5Mac


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