Android M rumored to release in August; focus on battery and RAM usage


With Google I/O gearing up to start in a few days, we are expecting many things to come from Android, most notably the newest version of the operating system. Android M, which according to the latest rumors is internally known as macadamia nut cookie or ‘MNC’, will be showcased throughout the conference.

While substance around Android M are shrouded in mystery, it is heavily rumored that Google will take a renewed focus on battery life and RAM management, something that plagues Android Lollipop from time to time. That means Google has their teams focused on reducing the number of times processes are happening in the background while the device is not on the charger or the screen is off. That means there will be less location check-ins.

Since Google will be showing off Android M, it is expected that they will release a developer’s preview, just as they did last year with Android L. On top of that, depending on how will development goes with Android M, it could be finalized before September rolls around.

Although an August release date is rumored, a lot can change within a few months time. There is nearly three months time between now and the end of August, so many changes can happen; for better or for worse. Once the developer preview is made official, I’ll be sure to give it a test run and report back. Until then, or more news, you’ll have to sit tight.



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