Android M features native WiFi calling, Project Fi baked in


Android M isn’t necessarily as big as Android Lollipop in terms of overhauling the operating system, but that doesn’t mean it should go unmentioned. Android M touts many new features that its predecessor was lacking, such as quick setting toggles that are changeable, dark theming in the settings, and many performance enhancements. One feature that is new to stock Android altogether is WiFi calling.

Update: Upon some further digging into my phone and the installed applications on the Play Store app, I noticed Project Fi was installed on the device already. I went to the application drawer and it was nowhere to be found. So, on Android M, Fi comes baked into the operating system and that is why WiFi calling is included.

Google has added tons of things to Android M, but for the first time ever on a stock Android operating system form Google, it includes WiFi calling. WiFi calling is something that T-Mobile already embraces, as it is prevalent on many of their phones. Recently Google and T-Mobile partnered to bring WiFi calling to their carrier, but others are left out. Since Google already implemented WiFi calling into the T-Mobile Nexus 6 factory image, why not share the wealth?

In some areas, WiFi calling is a necessary feature, as service and reception can be sub-par at best. With the ability to enable WiFi calling, a user can use their internet connection to make phone calls, although it still counts against their minutes used.

To check out the WiFi calling settings on Android M, go to settings, more, then tap “WiFi calling”.

Since more and more features keep popping up with Android M, and more to come in the future, what’s your favorite so far? Let us know!



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