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Android Lollipop brought along with it tons of changes to the Android OS. Everything from animations, colors, and switch to ART runtime from Dalvik were changed. With all these new changes, some smaller things have been added; some things that Android Lollipop users might not even know about. We are about to show you all of the clickables in the notification panel and even a few in the status bar on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

There are a few things that can be clicked in the notification that won’t automatically toggle. They include the network signal to view your used data, the Wi-Fi network name to view other networks in your area, and the Bluetooth writing underneath the Bluetooth logo to view available Bluetooth connections. Clickable options in the notifcation shade can be seen below.

To go along with the clickables in the notification shade on Android Lollipop, there are a few clickables in the status bar as well. Clickables in the status bar include the date which takes you to your calendar app, the clock in the upper corner takes you to an overview of your alarms, and if you click the next live alarm, it’ll take you to your highlighted alarm where you can quick edit the days, time, etc. Clickable options in the status bar can be seen below.

Many of these are known by die-hard Android users, but many of these helpful features go unknown by users who don’t explore their phone very much. If this quick-guide to hidden clickables on Android Lollipop helped you out, be sure to help us out and share this post.

The screenshots from this article are taken from a Nexus 6 running LiquidSmooth. That is why there is a weather toggle and circular battery icon in the top right corners. 


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