Sony Xperia Z3 Rundown


On the heel of the Z3 Compact, Sony has finally unveiled its next flagship phone: the Xperia Z3. Along with many new features and an upgraded camera module, let’s take a look at how exactly this phone is different than the less than year old Xperia Z2.

Spec-wise, the Xperia Z3 comes with a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM and an upgraded 20.7 – megapixel camera with a new 25mm wide-angle lens. On top of that, they’ve upgraded the IP waterproof and dustproof rating to IP65/68. The screen stays the same with a 5.2-inch 1080p display.

How about the body on the Z3? Well they still use the glass front and back (available in white, black, silver/green and copper), and aluminum around the perimeter. The difference is the Z3 is thinner and lighter, measuring 146 x 72 x 7.3 mm and weighing only 152 g. They’ve also broken down the aluminum corners and rounded them with caps made out of a type of nylon. According to Sony, these corners should hold a little more strength, leading to less dings or dents if you drop the phone.

Software side, we haven’t seen announces of the new Android L yet, so this should be running the same Sony Android 4.4.2 skin thats akin to the Xperia Z2 phone and tablet. Sony has added a few key features to the Z3, like DSEE HX low-res audio upscaling, The camera, on top of that wide-angle lens boost, has some new technology tricks. Sony’s Steadyshot “Intelligent Active Mode” video shooting that offers improved stabilization, while their “AR Fun” mode lets you add 3D AR effects to a picture frame. They’ve changed the way the camera app works, adding the option to limit the ISO setting to 12,800 and use WiFi Direct to connect multiple cameras (only Sony cameras and smartphones for now) allowing you to use both viewfinders on the screen and direct video from only one device.

Another new feature announced for all Z3 series devices is access to Sony’s Remote Play for PS4. Just like how it works for the PS Vita, you can use this feature virtually anywhere (minus lag for long distances) and hook up Sony’s new controller mount to the phone to have a Dualshock 4 played optimally with a phone right above it.

Right now, only T-Mobile has confirmed that it’ll be carrying the Xperia Z3 at launch, but only time will tell if they end up being the only carrier in the USA to bring the phone stateside again (read; T-Mobile’s Sony Xperia Z1S).


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