NVIDIA announces Tegra X1 ‘superchip’


Nvidia tegra x1

NVIDIA is one of the first companies to announce their new products this year at CES. They definitely started things off with a bang debuting their all-new Tegra K1 successor, the Tegra X1 is a 8-core 64-bit superchip. The X1 has 256 cores Maxwell GPU, compared to the K1’s 172 core GPU.

NVIDIA Tegra X1 superchip

The X1 is built with NVIDIA’s Maxwell architecture which is insanely fast and insanely effifient. The Tegra X1 is the first mobile processor to exceed 1 teraflop. To give you a comparison, the first computer to exceed 1 teraflop was alive and well in 2000. That supercomputer also used 1 million watts to power itself. The Tegra X1 uses around 10 watts.

It is truly amazing what technology is unfolding this year and it is only January 4th. We’ll continue to keep you updated on all things CES.

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