No app drawer for Android N hinted at in Google tweet


We have all heard the rumors that Google might be ditching the app drawer when it comes to Android N. A few years back, Android Police had inside info on the removal of the app drawer, but it never came to fruition in Android Lollipop. Marshmallow came and went without any hints, but the case is building for the app drawer to be removed in Android N.

First of all, many Chinese manufacturers have ditched the application drawer in favor of a more iOS approach. Now LG has jumped on-board with the G5 and Samsung even has an option for in on their new flagships. Couple that will the exclusive article written by Android Authority that the app drawer could possibly be removed in the next major Android release, we have ourselves a strong case.

Now, what tips the rumor over the edge is the fact that the Google Maps Twitter account posted a short video going through the Google Maps app. What’s interesting is that in the beginning of the video, the Nexus 6P in the video has no app drawer whatsoever. Now is this a hint at what’s to come or is Google testing the waters very carefully and quietly judging the reaction? Only time will tell.

Google doesn’t tend to let things slip-out early, and when they do it seems rather planned. I’m sure if it wasn’t supposed to be seen just yet, the video would have been taken down and changed. So, what are your thoughts on the video? Do think the app drawer is headed out the door or do you think that this is just a rumor?


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